Sunday, September 30, 2012

vol 3 / nr 86 / Middelburg, Netherlands

Joke got the letter, when walking in Lucca (Toscane, Italy). When I rested a little on a bench on a square. An elderly couple gave me a letter they had already opened.

I was surpised and found it a nice idea and a fine piece of art too. Therefore I decided to take the print with me back to Holland.

vol 3 / nr 89 / Barcelona, Spain

Miguel found the letter between the thousands of people near the Duomo in Florence.

I find the project very original, you have spend your time and money only to make people smile, he writes. 

vol 3 / nr 57 / Amsterdam, Netherlands

Gert-Jan wrote that the letter was a very surprising found in the middle of Florence. The picture is now standing on our low cupboard where we put things we like to look at.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

vol 3 / nr 37 / Assisi, Italy (-> Prague, Czech republic)

Katka and Michal found the envelope in capella Pazzi in Florence! They were travelling on their honeymoon, when they found the letter. I have studied history of arts in Prague and I love any kind of these things! Katka writes. The print will be placed in a special place in their flat in Prague.

Friday, September 28, 2012

vol 3 / nr 50 / Florence, Italy (-> Germany)

Laura is a German student, who is having her autumn semester in Florence. She found the envelope from Santa Croce church with her two visiting friends from Germany. She writes: Mit Spannung und einem leicht mulmigen Gefühl haben wir den Umschlag geöffnet, um dann etwas darin zu finden, womit wir nicht gerechnet hätten: ein wunderschönes Bild, das uns sofort ein Gefühl von Entspannung, Glück und Freiheit vermittelt hat. ("With excitement and feeling a bit anxious we opened the envelope, and found something unexpected: a beautiful picture gave us a feeling of relaxing, happiness and freedom!")

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

vol 3 / nr 30 / Florence, Italy (-> USA)

Kathryn is a US student currently studying abroad in Italy. This beautiful print will be coming home with me when I return to the states in December. I think this project is amazing and you should know that it has touched me in a way many things never have. [...] Keep up your beautiful art work, and know that somewhere around the world, your project has touched not only me, but I'm sure 89 other people as well.

She also wrote, that she is currently blogging about her travels and experiences studying abroad in Italy. She has also blogged about finding the letter. Read her blog entry - where and how she found the envelope - at:

vol 3 / nr 7 / Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Olga wrote to me that she picked up the print while on holiday in Florence to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It is a delightful print and we intend to keep it as a special memory of this trip.

She also told me about a local expression sometimes used in Belfast -"You are a hot cup of tea"!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

vol 3 / nr 20 / Florence, Italy

Paola tells that she likes the print and will keep it: I think the project is fantastic, a really great idea to share your own artworks.

She has also thought about adapting the project: I'd like to do the same think in the future, if I'll ever travel all around the world.

Friday, September 21, 2012

vol 3 / nr 76 / Padova, Italy (-> Dublin, Ireland)

Roisin wrote that she is Irish and recently moved to Padova to study. For her finding this print was just magical. [...] Classes haven't started yet so I don't know anybody and it can be a little lonely. However, as I was wandering around I found this! It made my day wonderful!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

vol 3 / nr 46 / Paris, France

Clara and Guillaume discovered the letter on the crowded steps of the Loggia dei Lanzi in Firenze. After their holiday they took the print back to Paris where they live.

In front of David, we had a big crush for your card, your project, your idea of sharing it randomly, the whole idea!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

vol 3 / nr 10 / Fiesole, Italy

Paul and his friend Jeremy found the print on the bus, number 7, travelling from Fiesole to Firenze. The print will stay where it was discovered: Paul will hang it in his home in Fiesole.

Art is very much about emotion - Fiesole has been a magical place. It is truly one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, and the world. [...] Finding your print randomly here kind of confirms to us the magic of Fiesole.

We think your project is wonderful - it appeals very much to the best instincts of people, it is positive, and your print is uplifting.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Random Prints vol. 3

This week I have left the first few letters and prints around Florence and Fiesole surroundings. The Random Prints letters will be left in random order - I don't know which print is left in which place.

The weather in Florence has been a bit unstable, which has made leaving the letters a bit more difficult as I have to try to find places where the wind doesn't take them or where the rain won't spoil them. (I don't actually think that the print would harm at all, but it might become a little wrinkled...)

I was very glad when Hahnemühle (the paper manufacturer; prints are printed on Hahnemühle smooth art paper) tweeted about this project and also the picture itself is now added to Hahnemühle "Album of Excellence".

So... I'm waiting for the first replies and searching for new places where to leave the next letters!