Wednesday, January 26, 2011

vol 1 / nr 28 / Applecross, Scotland

This was the only print that I gave away to a certain person! I was going to the Florence train station when I passed some bagpipe player outside. I didn't have any coins - so I dropped in one of the prints. As Ruairidh wrote the story: This print was dropped into my case as I was playing the bagpipes in front of Florence train station. It now hangs on my wall, in a small fishing village, in the west coast of Scotland. I also travelled around Europe last summer, playing the bagpipes to pay my way. [...] Shortly after you gave me the print I was escorted off the premises by the Italian police, an experience I have become used to.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

vol 1 / nr 88 / Paris, France

Gaelle from Paris found the envelope in Lucca in September. She is keeping the print herself, but she has also told about it to all her friends and they have had a small "competition" on where the print should end to...