Tuesday, June 28, 2011

vol 2 / nr 90 / Solothurn, Switzerland

Gabriela found a Random Print letter from the Kunsthaus Zürich phone booth, and she tells me that she was first a bit unsure if she should take it - but: Meine Neugierde war dann doch grösser und ich war sehr überrascht und freute mich über das Bild. Now the image is in her bedroom.

Strangely enough, about one hour later, Gabriela found also another letter! In this point I should remind that there is only 90 letters altogether, and I left only about 5 or 6 to Zurich - and to very different places! But she did found another one in the front of DadaHaus. Gabriela was on her way to her sister's wedding and she took the letter there as a present from someone unknown!

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