Thursday, June 30, 2011

vol 2 / nr 48 / Thun, Switzerland

Verena's feedback was so nice to receive: Dein Projekt ist G E N I A L ! She had found the print in Luzern and took it with her to Thun, another town in Switzerland. She says how excited she is about finding this print. She would like to have the print herself, but the idea of giving pleased her so much, that she has given the artwork forward!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

vol 2 / nr 90 / Solothurn, Switzerland

Gabriela found a Random Print letter from the Kunsthaus Zürich phone booth, and she tells me that she was first a bit unsure if she should take it - but: Meine Neugierde war dann doch grösser und ich war sehr überrascht und freute mich über das Bild. Now the image is in her bedroom.

Strangely enough, about one hour later, Gabriela found also another letter! In this point I should remind that there is only 90 letters altogether, and I left only about 5 or 6 to Zurich - and to very different places! But she did found another one in the front of DadaHaus. Gabriela was on her way to her sister's wedding and she took the letter there as a present from someone unknown!

Friday, June 24, 2011

vol 2 / nr 20 / Munich, Germany

Mirjam was the first who replied to the Random Prints project this year, and her story made my rainy day in Munich to turn gold. She told me that she found the letter when she was at her lunch break from work, going to get something to eat. She got into the bus where she found the print. This is how she tells the story: Normally I always get in the front of the bus but today I went straight to the back (although there were many free chairs everywhere) and sat down at a place wherer I normally never sit. And right next to me I saw a white envelope: "to you, whoever you are". I was very, very curious and put my hand on the letter to open it when I heard a voice next to me: "You are not allowed to open it, this is private!" It was the voice of a young lady and she sounded quiete angry. Just for one second I was hesitating but then I replied: "This is for everybody, see what's written on it." She went on trying to convince me that I shouldn't open it but I didn't listen. I had the feeling that I had to open it.

When Mirjam looked inside, she said she felt happy of such a great coincidence - even though she doesn't believe in "coincidences". Mirjam tells me she loves art, so finding the message (or did it find me? she asks) touches her deeply. She will keep it for herself as "a good omen".

And one more thing, Miriam wanted to say: Along with your envelope there came a message to me: "Dont't listen to other people. Do what you feel and you will find a treasure."

Monday, June 20, 2011

Random Prints vol. 2

The Essence of Whispering Tree.

Random Prints vol. 2 has started! I'll leave my 90 signed and numbered prints around Europe in June and July 2011 and I hope that people would "register" them like with the prints vol. 1 project - which went better than I had expected! I'll leave first prints today in Berlin - hopefully people will find them!