Thursday, March 21, 2013

vol 3 / nr 3 / Ejpovice, Czech Republic

Eva found the print no. 3/90 on a charming place in Florence where she was on a very special trip. I decided to take my 70 years old mother to some amazing destination where she never can go alone or with my father and we enjoy each other. In spite of her fear of flying I persuated her to go with me for a trip - I told her where are we going first on the airport in Vienna. I was very happy she trust me and agreed with this adveturous plan and we enjoyed it fully. The stay in Firenze was simply charming and the square where we found the envelope had a special atmosphere or feeling for us.

Eva tell's that first she didn't have much confidence, but she opened the letter anyway - and was very surprised what she had found inside. Today people usually do only necessary things and don´t thing about the other people and the life runs so quickly... So, your picture, which is now on the wall in our livingroom will allways remember me on the journey with my loved mum to the city full of treasures of beauty. I´m happy I catch to transfer her to the place of her dreams and spent with her unforgettable moments by admiring collections of arts. How many are they before us yet?

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