Monday, May 12, 2014

vol 4 / nr 41 / Jerusalem, Israel

J. P. Regalado found the envelope at the Boesner Art Shop in Berlin, in between some art books. I have kept it in my bag, and it has since traveled to London, and now I am in Jerusalem. J. P. wrote, that perhaps he will keep the print, or alternatively, give it to someone randomly, or leave the envelope again to see where it travels to next. I have enjoyed it, and why should someone else not?

J. P. is also an artist and writer, and wrote a quick poem in response to the print:

“Fragrance of the Skies”

captured outside a bottle.
an endless sky
only to return to itself
inside the bottle
from whence it came.

-j.p. regalado, 2014 jerusalem

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