Saturday, May 31, 2014

vol 4 / nr 66 / Berlin, Germany

Waltraud found the print in the Tram M2 on Alexanderplatz, Berlin: I love it. its framed in white and stands next to my desk. Everytime I look on it, I remember how we found it. I am an artist too, and I love such wonderful surprises!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

vol 4 / nr 11 / Paris, France

Maria is Spanish, but living in Paris. She was visiting Berlin with her friends. She wrote to me, that finding the letter was like finding a treasure: Nous sommes rentrées à l office de tourisme de la porte de Brandebourg et là mes yeux se sont posés sur votre enveloppe, j ai ressenti un vieux sentiment oublié depuis mon enfance: celui de trouver un trésor! Je suis sortie tout de suite pour me retrouver seule à seule en intimité avec mon " mystère".

Il m'évoque l essence même tu voyage, il me provoque la sensation de groupe, dêtre parmi ses 90 personnes chanceuse d avoir cette oeuvre chez soi...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

vol 4 / nr 4 / Amsterdam, Netherlands

Eva wrote me: What a surprise to find your artwork! ...but she didn't actually found it herself: I don't know where it was actually left, but I think a sweet colleague (I work for Oxfam in The Hague) found it somewhere and left it on my desk yesterday. I'll find a nice spot for it in my home in Amsterdam.

Monday, May 12, 2014

vol 4 / nr 41 / Jerusalem, Israel

J. P. Regalado found the envelope at the Boesner Art Shop in Berlin, in between some art books. I have kept it in my bag, and it has since traveled to London, and now I am in Jerusalem. J. P. wrote, that perhaps he will keep the print, or alternatively, give it to someone randomly, or leave the envelope again to see where it travels to next. I have enjoyed it, and why should someone else not?

J. P. is also an artist and writer, and wrote a quick poem in response to the print:

“Fragrance of the Skies”

captured outside a bottle.
an endless sky
only to return to itself
inside the bottle
from whence it came.

-j.p. regalado, 2014 jerusalem

Saturday, May 10, 2014

vol 4 / nr 27 / Berlin, Germany

Jooris is an 18 years old painter from Berlin. I found the print in the Boesner store in Prenzlauer Berg / Berlin where it was hidden in a book about Turner. The project is very interesting because the little surprises are no flashy way of spreading the art but so much fun for the lucky finders. I will keep "The Fragrance of Skies" because it's suits so well at bathroom wall. ;)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

vol 4 / nr 81 / Berlin, Germany

Olivia was browsing some books at Shakespeare & co in Berlin and found the envelope wedged between a couple of pages. At first I assume it was part of the book so I didn't open it, but then I was just curious so I opened it. Interesting because the day before I was reading an article about someone who had found a similar letter in Paris, although I'm not sure if it was one of yours or another artist's.

(Wow - is there someone else with the same idea? If anyone knows anything - I would love to know about it!)

Friday, May 2, 2014

vol 4 / nr 61 / Venlo, Netherlands

Liel wrote to me: We found your print at the Berlin Zoo, monday 28th of April. We were passing by and we were curious what would be inside the envelope. They will frame the pigment ink print and give it a nice new home in their living room.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

vol 4 / nr 39 / Berlin, Germany

Caren decided to keep the print herself. The reason is very simple: ...when I looked at the print, this one was practically made for me. Because of that I really want to thank you for your idea. It makes me still happy, that I found the print.

Caren continues: I never heard of an art project like this before. I think that it's a wonderful idea to bring joy to others, who want to keep one of your prints or give it to someone else.