Saturday, October 8, 2016

Vol 5 / nr 81 / London, UK

Joshua's email arrived at a afternoon, when I had just been thinking about my trip to Italy a year ago.

Joshua wrote that he and his family found my print, "Arriving", during a day-trip to Florence, where their own arrival had been fraught with anxiety. We'd fallen victim to the dreaded ZTL [La Zona a Traffico Limitato, limited traffic zone with heavy fines if you drive a car in these limited areas). We'd never heard of it until we arrived. No-one thought to warn us, and we didn't think to check. The prospect of several hundred euros in fines, far exceeding our fragile finances, placed an enormous amount of stress on our young family.

Your artwork was a healing tonic. It thoroughly redeemed the day for us. It helped us find a new perspective, and gave us a tangible sense of peace. It acted as an incredibly timely reminder of an all-important truth; there a things in life far more precious than money.

Unfortunately, we misplaced it upon our return home. In an effort to keep it safe, we squirrelled it away, and managed to lose track of where it was kept. I have just rediscovered it, thirteen months later, and am now reliving many of the original emotions it evoked.

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