Thursday, September 23, 2010

vol 1 / nr 66 / Beveren-Leie, Belgium

Karel wrote a funny story about how they had perceived the letter first. He was taking a position for a photoshoot at Battistero di San Giovanni (behind the Duomo) in Siena, when Hilde looked for a close-up of me on these steps and she saw next to me your strange envelope. She found it a great idea to take a picture of me, with the envelope... I had seen the envelope as well, but first I couldn't read the words Random art quite well and I made an interpretation like : Randsham ashi... -- "This must be something from an Indian religious group...

But after the picture was taken, Karel opened the envelope and was quite surprised of its content. He has the print on his desk now, and I do enjoy it when I'm writing and the tree doesn't feel so deserted any more, I hope.

Envelope seen on the stairs - still unopened

"During the time I was opening your envelop, Hilde took a picture of the statue of San Giovanni"

After the envelope was opened...

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