Monday, November 1, 2010

MAP with the stories

I finally set it up: The Random Prints Map with the stories.

The map also holds the smaller stories or just places the prints ended up (there were a couple of messages with only the final destination, nothing else), but also the long stories with more to say.

As I read these stories again I noticed a peculiar thing: many of the finders are artists themselves or studying art or something related closely to it.

Another strange peculiarity is that there are also two stories where a father of the family has found a print on church and brought it home to his daughter/daughters, one takes a short trip inside Florence and the another one takes a longer trip to Clodig, next to Slovenian border.


  1. Seems like your prints are spreading quite a lot around :)


  2. Wonderful stories, Päivi! What a fantastic project and so very generous of you to share your work in this amazing way.