Thursday, October 28, 2010

vol 1 / nr 76 / Portstewart, Northern Ireland

Robert wrote to me about the trip he took with his friend: they had already travelled from Belfast to Amsterdam, then to Berlin, Hannover, Munich, Innsbruck, Worgel, Venice and they had been in Florence for a day when they found the print at the Duomo.

He wrote that he really likes the print, does my girlfriend, i told a bunch of people about it when i returned home. I'm keeping it for myself for now, and am planning on framing and mounting it in such a way that the frame displays not only the print, but the now crinkled envelope and letter also, in a sort of collage.

I think its interesting, this project, as it kinda makes the painting itself more personal, as one has a personal story about how the painting came into my possession which i'll have for the rest of my life!

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