Sunday, October 7, 2012

vol 3 / nr 14 / Florence, Italy

Viviane had just moved to Florence, and she tells that the day she found the print was a rather stressful one. I was walking around in the city the whole day long, trying to get to know it a bit better. Then I was sitting on the steps of the Duomo, when suddenly a big white envelope caught my attention. At first I was wondering if somebody might have forgotten it there, but when I saw the words "To you, whoever you are", I couldn\'t resist. And I have to say - this print made my day. I was still a bit sad, because I had to leave my family and friends to come to Italy (actually I am from Berlin, Germany), but when I opened the envelope I couldn't help but smile. 

 I really like the idea of leaving prints all around Europe, it's a beautiful way to make people become aware of the fact that art is all around us.

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