Sunday, August 29, 2010

About 20 prints travelling...

I've now left about 20 prints, some of to Helsinki, Finland and the rest of them in Florence, Italy. My first idea was to leave a lot of these prints to Frankfurt and Munich airports where I know people are travelling, but at these times you shouldn't leave anything in airports without permission, which is quite hard to get. So, a small change of plan: I'll propably leave the rest of the prints here in Florence in few weeks time - there's a good change of them ending somewhere else, as the city is full of tourists. As I already have mentioned, this will be the first of this kind of projects - I'll be better prepared and permissions ready to next one :)

Already one print is found here in Florence, by Catherine, a few days ago. I have left the prints in visible places and even though I haven't actually seen someone taking the envelopes, they have soon vanished. Hopefully also those other finders will go and fill the small questionnaire.

And as an answer to one question: I'm not releasing these envelopes in any order, nearly everything is random in this project! :)

I'll start posting the short notices and comments soon with the locations of the pictures.

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