Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The prints are now ready for signing and numbering

Today I've printed the rest of the prints. Now there are 90 small prints waiting for signing and numbering.

The printing process itself was quite pleasant job - after those several hours spent with solving printer and ink problems had passed by. I found out that one of the pigment inks in stock has been expired and another one will soon expire... Luckily I had the replacement ink for the already-expired one, but there is no replacement ink waiting for another one. And if one of the eight inks runs out, the printing process stops. The strange error messages, odd behaviour from my printer and the knowledge of the expiring ink made me very nervous: there are only a couple of days left to print, sign and number these artworks and to close them to envelopes if I want to stick to my plan.

But finally all worked out well. Harder projects are always the more precious ones!

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