Sunday, August 22, 2010

The title of the print: A Tree Deserted

...The signing and numbering process of the the prints is proven to be harder than I thought. Actually, I've already signed them all, but I usually always also write the name of the image to the print - and this time the naming hasn't been so easy. I had one name in mind, when I first started to make this image, but in making process, it adapted a work title of A Tree In a Room. Which it still portrays (in my mind at least), but I've already named one of the following versions with that name and I've always thought that is quite boring to name things with running numbers, such as A Tree In a Room II.

Besides of that, I had thought about name that wouldn't be pointing to so very concrete idea but somehow would bring the "emotional" content forward, closer to the viewer; maybe to evoke some new thoughts. I wanted to name it with something that reflects the idea of the image, but not revealing all, leaving some space for the viewer's imagination too. I had several titles written down, but as it always seems to be happen: I soon found out the very first name I had in mind, before I even started to make the whole picture, was the right one.

So the title of the artwork is: A Tree Deserted

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