Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where did the idea for this image come from?

I'm still in process of signing and numbering. After signing process is over, I'll publish the first photos of the Random print project and the name of the first random print artwork.

What comes to the background of the selected image of the print: I had several images finished or almost finished in my archives and also I had several ideas for totally new image in my head - so making the selection wasn't easy at all. I thought about this for a good time - about two months.

I didn't want to choose some spoilt, lame or unsuccessful images or drafts for project basis (...for some reason I have them a lot), but I wanted to choose an image that would show an idea, which would be characteristic to me. At the same time, I didn't want to choose a picture that was already totally finished, because I wanted to finish the image with this Random print project in mind.

Finally I found the idea for the image from the small sketch / draft which I made a couple of years ago. I had almost forgotten the sketch, even though the same one has already given an idea to three very different images: Apples (2007) from Once Upon A Time... series and A Tree In A Room (2009) and Archipelago from Elsewhere series (view for closer look). The first two hold the idea of a tree in a room and the last one contains the idea of a bit unreal trees with a similar kind of composition.

However, even though the sketch itself has been an inspiration for my work and even if it has influenced to these three other images, I've never realised itself as it is. For me, figuring this out was just a bigger sign of that this would be the image to use. I then did realise the image very true to the original draft, preserving it's sketch-like properties.

From an artistic point of view I'm still not sure if it is the best image to this kind of small print, but for this project it is just what I wanted. Small image with a very simple idea but a very big meaning for myself and for my artwork.

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